Annual Programs

Gyantaposh Abdur Razzaq Memorial National Young Intellectuals’ Conference  (NYIC)

This is an annual flagship program of Reading Club held every year, positively last week in November. This program is dedicated to National Professor Abdur Razzaq (1914-1999). Abdur Razzaq was an internationally renowned scholar and political scientist from Bangladesh.

In this annual national conference many young intellectuals from all across the country come and meet together to exchange their views and ideas regarding multiple discourses of national interests including science, society, politics, culture, economics, media, gender, security, law, judiciary, justice, philosophy, literature, history, ecology, language so on and so forth.

We have arranged successfully “Gyantaposh Abdur Razzaq Sharanshova” for consecutively three years. 2013 NYIC was attended by Abul Mal Abdul Muhit, Hossen Zillur Rahman, Professor Monsur Musa and Abul Khair Litu. In 2012 program Prof. Rehman Sobhan, Anisuzzaman, Dr. Rounaq Jahan, Salimullah Khan and Nasir Ali Mamun were the guests. We arranged Abdur Razzaq Shoronshova for the first time in 2011. Dr. Kamal Hossen, Anisuzzaman, Dr. Hamida Hossen, Salimullah Khan and Dr. Anisuzzaman (philosophy) were the speakers of that program.

Knowledge Walk

We visit a historical place each year and an expert on that place accompany us. He talks on that place while he/she walks . In 5 January 2013, we went to Sonargaon as 1st Knowledge Walk. We had our 2nd Knowledge Walk in Jahangirnagar University on 8 February 2014. We visited this beautiful campus and traced the different discipline and philosophy behind them. We, of course observed the migratory birds those who made their home in the campus and were creating sweet music all around. We also visited Gono Bisshobiddyaloy and had amicable discussion with the teachers and students there. At the end of our Knowledge Walk we visited the most glorious site of Bangladesh Jatiyo Smriti Shoudho (National Martyrs’ Memorial) at Savar. We paid our homage and tribute to the millions of martyrs through our silent march. We also arranged a short function in front of the Memorial. Almost all the knowledge walkers shared their experiences, some recited poems and some other sang songs. When the twilight penetrated the western sky, all the knowledge hungry walkers, after their day long wandering with sophisticated purposes, started their return journey. Our legs were tired ; limbs were exhausted but not our spirit. The spirit that is still alive in our mind is waiting for our next KnowledgeWalk!

Reading Camp

Each year we organize Reading Camp. In the last reading camp that is held for 11 days are joined by a dozen of reading associates, which ended with the reading of 22 thousand pages, which is really a great feat for reading club. The participants shared their experience in a weekly public lecture of Reading Club. In that reading camp the reading associates had done some big works which are in pipeline of publication.

MAC Reading Award

This award is dedicated to the memory of Professor Dr. Muzaffar Ahmed Chowdhury (1923-1978). He is popularly known as MAC in University. MAC was a teacher in the Department of Political Science in Dhaka University. Despite being the Proctor of the university, he was thrown into jail in 1952 due to his involvement with language movement. Then on, he was associated closely with every democratic movement of this country. Later on, he emerged as highly dedicated and committed political theorist of East Pakistan. There were hardly any movement for which he did not play the role of theorist and mentor.

All through his life, even after becoming a University teacher, MAC maintained a regular and serious reading habit, which was almost incomparable with any of his contemporaries. He used to read 16 to 17 hours per day. Through prolonged and consistent study, he accustomed himself to such a reading habit, which is considered as a sine qua non for any true, honest, and committed intellectual. Today’s young readers of Bangladesh have so much to learn from the example of reading habit he set. ‘Reading Associates’ of this club dream of and struggle for to become a reader like MAC. This award ceremony takes place every year in conjunction with NYIC. Vibrant, committed researchers and knowledge entrepreneurs are given this award.