Daily Activities

Library Cultivation

Reading Club is trying to popularize this library cultivation. So many independent readers come to library individually or in a small group. We want to make it a bit organized and include more people in this process. That is why we consider ‘library cultivation’ is one of the most important projects of  Reading Club. We want to make coming to library to study a part of our national culture. Our reading associates are competing with each other in this business.

Knowledge Kulture

Reading Club also runs a regular informal brainstorming session, which we call KnowledgeKulture. We organize weekly sessions on Saturday afternoon. Those who cannot join that day you may join our regular adda infront of Gausul Azam market Tea Shops every evening, which begins at 8 pm and goes on for one hour. We call it “KnowledgeKulture“! It is not mandatory that one should stay the entire time. If someone has exams or anything-important thing to do, he/she may leave the KnowledgeKulture at their wish. Actually, there are no bindings; rather we are attached with a very intimate emotional bonding, which keeps us to stay together in pursuit of knowledge.