Monthly Programs

Monthly Exclusive Lecture

We usually invite a senior intellectual each month to deliver speech on nationally and internationally significant issues. We invite young scholars and researchers of relevant disciplines so that they get acquainted with the ideas of senior scholars. Thus we create a bridge between young and experts.  The inspire young scholars to carry on their dedication to intellectual practices as they find perfect example just in front of them. Another important purpose of this lecture is to create a dialogue thereby promoting public conscience about the issue of the lecture.

Introduction to Bangladesh Constitution

We are working to raise awareness across the academic world to focus on constitution studies. In addition, we will visit the schools and colleges soon and will make them introduced with the constitution. We think it will create a noticeable impact and make them politically conscious and will inform them of their rights and at the same time of their duties to the nation. We are giving special focus on the university students as we think they are the premium body of the academic world and the state. We have a plan to arrange a ‘Constitution Orchestra’, which will be first of that kind here in Bangladesh!

Reading Internship

(30 hours rigorous training on reading techniques and knowledge management)

We have some senior readers who are expert in a particular field of their own. The junior readers or newbie’s take help from them as their reading mentors. They go through an intensive care with an expert reader and learn all the practical details of reading, reading methods etc.

In a usual reading internee program, a reader or a group of readers has to go through an intensive process of reading under the supervision of a serious reader who achieved a sort of mastery or expertise in reading and whereabouts of reading. The total thirty hours will of course not be without breaks! A reading internee should read 10 hours a day for 3 days at a stretch.

After this training the readers are supposed to make library their second home where they are expected to pass a significant amount of time.

Basic Training  Research Methodology

It is a 2 hour long training session where trainees get introduced to the basics of research methodology.

Training on Public Speaking

It is a 2 hour long training session where the trainees get acquainted with the magic of public speeches.

Advanced Training on Research Methodology

It is a one day long training where the trainee can learn how to do research methodologically. This training is designed for university students and young researchers of Bangladesh.