Porichiti o Porimiti ( Introduction to Reading Club )

It is the introductory pamphlet of Reading Club written in Bengali. We have presented our philosophy and activities of Reading Club in this pamphlet.


Prologue and Promise

It is the introductory pamphlet of Reading Club written in English. We have presented our philosophy and activities of Reading Club in this pamphlet.


List of Public Lectures

This publication includes the list of all of our public lectures. It also covers the history of public lecture in Dhaka University. The purpose and rationale of our public lectures are explained here comprehensively.


Study Manual

Reading Club is going to publish a study manual very soon. The Study Manual covers all methods and techniques of reading. It explains the nature of reading, reason of reading, benefits of reading etc. The manual will provide comprehensive instructions about techniques of usual reading and speed-reading and the elements of a book that must be identified before starting reading the book. Actually, this book is published from the reading materials of the 30 hour-intensive ‘reading internee’ course developed by Reading Club. It is necessary read book for the first year student of University Level.


Reading Manual

Have you ever gone through the reading list of the great persons of history? How did they read books? What did they think about books? What was the purpose of their reading? Answers of these interesting questions will be found in the essays and stories written by those great persons. Reading Manual is an anthology of such essays and stories. This anthology will introduce the reading technique of the great persons who changed the history. Read the manual, your attitude will be changed instantly!!


What is Dhaka University

Dhaka University played the pivotal role whatever the glory we have as a nation and behind every inglorious things there Dhaka University contributed the lions share. Dhaka University in its long journey survived three different countries i.e British India, Pakistan and lastly Bangladesh. It was always the breeding ground for all the political movements that shaped up present Bangladesh. It also influenced all other socio-economic and cultural movements. Reading Club published a short pamphlet on ‘What Is Dhaka University’.


KnowledgeKulture Radius

Reading Club coined a new term that is KnowledgeKulture Radius. The libraries, which are around the 30 minutes walking distance from DU central library are under KnowledgeKulture Radius. Among the libraries Public Library at Shahbag, BANBEIS library at Nilkhet, Shishu Academy Library opposite of Curzon Hall, BCS Academy Library at Paribag, Asiatic Society library at Gulistan, Jatiyo Gronthokendro at Gulistan, Bishsho Sahitya Kendro Library at Bangla Motor are some of them.


Reading Club Profile

There is a reading club profile on the persons who are involved with Reading Club. A short bio and the achievements of a reading associate so far included in the reading club profile.


Reading Club Activity Album

There is an activity album of Reading Club on all the activities so far. It’s a pamphlet with photos of Reading Club activities in the last working year.


Reading Club Selected Articles

We have selected the best articles from Reading Club speakers. We are going to publish those articles in an anthology.


Razzaq Bochon (Words of Professor Razzaq)

It’s a short book on the wise sayings of Abdur Razzaq. He actually wrote little but his words are available in the books written by others. We made a short anthology on the sayings of Abdur Razzaq from his Ph.D. thesis (incomplete) and a couple of articles and a few speeches he gave.


Reading Club Speakers

We are publishing a pamphlet on the reading club speakers. A short introduction on the distinguished speakers those who enlightened reading club with their presence will be available in that pamphlet.