Why Reading

Reading is a “Serious” business to reading club associates. It is not merely a matter of hobby. Before becoming involved in fulltime career , a reader is highly recommended to study regularly in the central library or public library or any other libraries. Reading in a library is a part of our lifestyle.
If the state is considered a human body, different professionals i.e. service holders, laborers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, and workers are the different organs to that body. The state is built upon the solid foundation of those organs. Moreover, intellectuals act as blood to the whole body. They keep all the organs active and perform their own duties. That is why the role of the intellectuals is of premium importance for any democratic society. Reading club works with those young intellectuals who will lead the intellectual movements for future Bangladesh. We believe Bangladesh is one of the most promising young, independent countries and its future is bright. We need some intellectuals, workers, and leaders who will make it possible in collaboration with all other professionals. To prepare oneself to be able to do this one need to have deep knowledge on respective branches of knowledge one assigned to or prone to. It is a tough process and a reader is required to go through hard, abnormal and sometimes eccentric processes of in-depth study. The role of reading club is to accompany those eccentric, abnormal readers in their isolated, lonely and sometimes mundane journey of reading!